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Our Money Savvy team will work closely with your team to develop content that tells the most compelling story to sell your products and services. From internal education content to client-facing explainer videos, we will tailor-make the perfect storytelling tools.

Working closely with our clients to understand the financial story they want to tell, we have developed content for pension funds, schools, corporates, NGO's, and more, to great success. Through interactive, real-world, and relevant activities and workshops, we help you and your employees find a real solution to a real problem you’re facing and then tell that story well!

afrika tikkun


The Client: Afrika Tikkun


Audience: Youth 18 - 25


Programme: Hot Shots Graduate Programme



Programme Description


This 2-day workshop is aimed at our young starters.  Now that you are graduating, what should you be doing to make and manage your money?  Day one we cover personal finance and day 2 we cover how to start and manage a small business.  This comprehensive workshop will set our youth up for financial success.


The Target Audience


  • Young starters
  • Male and female
  • Aged 18 - 29
  • May be studying/runs a small business/looks after younger siblings


The Brief


Afrika Tikkun has developed a programme called “YAP”. This is a 12-week incubation programme for youth development projects across Gauteng and Western Cape.

We needed to create a 2-day programme that covered financial literacy and starting and running a small business.

This 2-day workshop is aimed at our young starters. What skills do you need to know to make and manage your money? Day one we cover personal finance and day 2 we cover how to start and manage a small business. This comprehensive workshop will not only help them work their way out of poverty but gives them the tools to stay out.


The client had the following objectives and content we needed to cover:


  • Financial terminology
  • Money mindset
  • Saving
  • Investing
  • Debt
  • Budgeting
  • Interest
  • Insurance
  • Tax
  • What is entrepreneurship
  • How to start a small business
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Reputation
  • Money ethics
  • How to pitch


The Programme


This is a 2- day workshop, there are normally no less than 5 in the same week across Gauteng and Western Cape and we have a Money Savvy team to service all 5 concurrently.


These 2 days are packed with lots of fun games and activities. Every concept we teach has an activity or game we play to re-enforce all of the concepts and keep the younger generation engaged. We don’t just teach them how to manage money we teach them how to make it too.


With some careful guidance we help these young starters identify their personal strengths and weaknesses and explore how they can turn their passion into profit. How to start and sustain a small business and how to raise the capital to start the business. We give you templates and techniques that will work in any environment.


What Was the Impact?


  • We get rave reviews from the youth. They love the fun games and interactive workshop.
  • They have the skills to make good debt decisions.
  • They understand the importance of saving and paying yourself first.
  • They get to understand their money mindset and how their peers and families influence their financial behaviours.
  • The have the required skills and templates to start a small business.
  • They have the skills and templates to manage the money they do make.
  • The now have the skills required to raise capital for projects.
  • They know and understand concepts like interest, tax and insurance.
  • They do their first “Business pitch” in front of a group.




We started our first pilot project with Afrika Tikkun in 2020 with 1 workshop. In 2021 they booked us for 10 workshops and in 2022 they have booked us for 24 workshops.

We look forward to many more years of changing lives while working in partnership with Afrika Tikkun.


For more information or a customised programme of your own contact Kathryn Main.